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The Guide to Asheron's Call
Readers Comments.

   Author: Mal-Funk Shun
   Server: Darktide
     Guild: Khao

OK...once you hit 50...goto Light propyleum...install BANDIT SIGHT(ITS LIKE A CRACKED OUT SIXTH SENSE) while you are running and killing around the prop B Sight will tell you anything and everything that is good...it can select it for you and all you have to do is pick it up. There is a LS like 5 clicks or so from the prop...get a couple mules there and you can easily make over 5 mill in 2 hours...EASY...i dont even use a mule and all i loot is 13k+ items off the floor and i make close to a mil a run...GREAT EXP TOO. Only problem is sometimes its camped

Well for loot, your best bet is usually when you start in th... - By Zhar'Khan
I think that this is a great site for beginners. could you ... - By Oragnitized
All the items with no apparent use will be included with mag... - By Mal-Funk Shun
Ok...once you hit 50...goto light propyleum...install bandit... - By Mal-Funk Shun
One of my personal favorites is to go to marae lassel north ... - By Hokanu Shinzawai
Another great place for high value (in the store) loot is an... - By Vitmyr
Great site, i have been out of the game for a couple months ... - By Graymon
Thanks for all the great information here - this will really... - By Daemon
Check it out - we have readers :) i guess i better get busy... - By Kickaha
That could be possible. isn't there more than 1 type of dar... - By Kickaha
There isn't a dark sclavus but the chomu sclavus is level 11... - By Black-Rose
Greetings and salutations the information should help man... - By Ratman
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