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Quests and Locations Guide

   Author: Kickaha
   Server: Solclaim
     Guild: AsheronsGuide.com
      Date: 12/29/2001

The AsheronsGuide.com Quests and Location Guide will help you to locate popular quests, items and locations throughout the game. This guide is currently two (2) pages in length and will assist intermediate and advanced Asherons Call players alike. This guide even includes brief directions and quick tips to most of the locations provided.

Locations Provided:

  • Level 7 Spell Essences
  • Panoptican Dungeon
  • Overloards Quest
  • Fenmalain Crystal
  • Calnalain Crystal
  • Shendolain Crystal
  • Ravenous Weapons
  • Hollow Weapons
  • Hamuds Pyreal Katar
  • Oswalds Dagger
  • Atlan Weapons
  • Stone Removal Tool
  • Major Atlan Stones
  • Impious Staff
  • Barons Amulet of Life
  • Treated Kits / Dispell Gems
  • Shadow Hunter Armor (GSA/GSC/GSK)
  • Casino Gambling
  • Racial Masks
  • Virindi Spells
  • Focusing Stone
  • Sylsfear Dungeon / Aerlinthe Island
  • Legionary Pincer
  • Eviscerator Pincer
  • Quiddity Orb
  • Lugian Quest Items
  • Soul Fearing / Three Towers Quest

    Shout outs to everyone that helped me build and correct the list - You know who you are :)

    Download / View the Quests and Locations Guide PDF

    Anybody getting any use out of this guide? :) - By Kickaha
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