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Component Storage Optimization

   Author: Kickaha
   Server: Solclaim
     Guild: AsheronsGuide.com
      Date: 2/22/2002

Component Storage Optimization.
About three months ago, I came to the realization that I was using 5 packs to carry my components around. I spent about an hour researching how I could reorganize my packs to free up at least an entire pack. I ended up freeing up 1 1/4 packs!

I had to tweak my comps a bit to allow for this type of carrying, I basically only carry 50 of all popular components (why weigh myself down with more - I have peas of the popular ones and the other ones just don't burn that often), 25-45 of all talismans (a couple of them burn a lot more then the rest), 30 of each scarab (except for plats and pyreal - I carry 100 of each of those) and 80-90 of the comps that I cannot carry a pea of that I seem to burn a lot of. For the peas, I am carrying 5-25 of each one that I need based on my burn rates. I am able to play for 2-3 days without recomping with this setup - and I am able to leave my main pack nearly EMPTY almost all the time now.

I then asked my friends how they were managing their component storage. Holy smokes - The things I heard were outrageous! Some people are using all 7 packs to carry comps! They put each type of comp in each pack - and then they carry peas for EVERY COMPONENT - including the talismans and scarabs. I would say that 25% of the people playing Asheron's Call are using 6-7 packs to carry their comps around. I would quit the game before I did that.

I use my top pack for weapons, gems, stones and healing kits. The next TWO packs are used for holding 22K portal gems for drop items (thats right - 48 of those things!) For those of you that do not PK - you could easily use one pack for drop items and have a whole spare pack to do whatever with. Oh yeah, you can also put some drop items in the last component pack since it has 6 slots free.

The following charts show which components you can get rid of and how to setup your packs in a space saving manner.

Useless Components.
The components you see up above are pretty much useless. Most of them were tied to spells back in the BETA version of Asherons Call, and nobody ever took them out of the game. (Frankinsense, Eyebright, Bistort, Amaranth, Henbane, Lupis, Azurite)

War Blasts.
If you don't use War Blasts you won't be needing Oak or Vervian.

War Walls.
Toss out the Elder Talismans if you don't use Wall spells.

Stringed Weapons.
The only spells that use Carnelian are Bow/Xbow buffs and debuffs. I keep 15 just in case.

Pack Optimization.
When it comes to sorting out my packs - the peas always go in their own pack. It's actually easier to crack them open this way, and it lets you pack your comps much tighter then putting peas & comps together. When you need to split something, check all your comps at once with the SPELL CREATION window and remember 3-5 of your lowest spells. Then just hit this pack and crack them all open at the same time.

Added Notes:

  • The Iron scarab was removed because at high levels no valuable spells use this scarab. The other scarabs have been left intact for Drains, Lifestone Recall, Portal Recal, Portal Tie, Summon Portal I, II, III, Recall to Sanctuary.
  • The wrong icons were shown for Azurite and Elder Talismans.
  • Dragonsblood was mistakenly listed as uneeded - but Portal Tie uses this component.

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