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QUEST GUIDE: Three Towers Walkthrough.

Requirements: Level 40+ Solo / Level 20+ Group.
Quest Items:
Yucky Key
Skull of a High Alcolyte.
Quest Guide: Black-Rose

At level forty you should be able to solo this, before that I would suggest at least two or more in a group. This is a quest for the High Acolytes Skull, which is required for the Focusing Stone quest. If you don't plan on doing the focusing stone you can turn in the skull for 12,000 experience points at an ivory crafter. You also receive a Yucky Key, it has four uses and opens the chests at the end, which contain uber loot. The loot isn't always something to keep, but usually is worth quite a bit of money, anywhere from 3000-9000 pyreals and higher. The monsters on this quest spawn when floor triggers are stepped on. I find it easiest to kill all the monsters before doing the switches since the killing takes time and may cause me to miss an open door. You will definitely want to use a fire weapon on this quest with all the undead. There is actually a fourth tower (87.6s 12.3w) separate from the others, it has a lifestone next to it. This is to the east of the other towers.

The first step is to get to the towers. There isn't a portal that gets near the towers, so the only way is to run it. There are two ways: 1. You can run from Qalaba'r or 2. You can take the South Dires portal from Mayoi (62.2s 77.1e). Both runs are about the same distance, but the Qalaba'r run is only a short distance through Dires monsters, so I suggest that direction.

The first tower is at 87.9s 10.4w. Here you need to kill the Lich at the base of the tower, this will open the door to the tower. Head to the top and flip the floor switch, this will open the door to the second tower. Now hurry to the second tower (87.9s 10.7w). As you enter two liches and a few undead spawn. You must kill them to open the door to the third tower. Now, head to the third tower (88.3s 10.8w), as you enter this tower liches and undead spawn as well as a lesser acolyte. You needn't worry about killing anything but the lesser acolyte unless you need to. Once the acolyte is dead, a portal will spawn that takes you to the next area.

Mostly zombies inhabit this area. When you enter head north and right at the T-junction. In the first niche down the hall is a switch, flip this and then head north again. At the T-junction head right through the doors and follow the hall. You will come to a large room with another room inside it. Inside the smaller room is a floor switch, flip it. Head quickly back to the doors and head straight through them. If the doors are closed you can open them with a wall switch just up the ramp from this room. The doors opposite the room you just left are now open. From this room follow the hall down and then left at the first T-junction, right at next T-junction then straight till you come to another T-junction, head left. In the next room is another lesser acolyte, which will spawn a portal when killed.

Skeleton warriors inhabit this area. Head north from the room and take the first left. Take the next left and follow the right wall, over the bridge. Flip the switch found in the right niche. Now, head back by following the left wall, through the doors that are now open. Down the ramp you will come to a T-junction, head right. You will come to an area where you can either, jump down or jump across to another room. Jump across and flip the floor switch. Now, jump down and head through the doors in the west wall, take the first right to the doors that are now open. If you miss the door you can head back by flipping the wall switch near it and heading south. At the Y-junction head left. Here again is another lesser acolyte, kill it and a portal spawns.

This last area is inhabited by liches primarily. Head west from this room, straight at the T-junction. Then straight till the last room and head right through the doors. At the T-junction turn right, straight through the next two T-junctions, right at the next T-junction. In a niche in the wall to the right is a wall switch, pull it and head through the two archways to the next door that is now open. Follow the hall and come to a large open room. Here is where the high acolyte is. Kill him and get a Yucky Key and the Skull of the High Acolyte. You will need to wait for everyone to get there key before taking the last portal.

The room with the high acolyte is usually camped and can be very busy. The spawn rate is about four minutes though so even a large party can get through this fairly quick.

Once everyone in your party has a key take the last portal. In the next area are four chests. There are always four chests so if you don't see one check the other rooms in the area. Two of the chests contain worthless items. Of the other two chests, one will contain weapons and armor and the other miscellaneous items, from armor to magic items. There is often at least one person in this room who can tell which are the good chests. If you are not so lucky and need to open the chests yourself, leave the items in the bad chests and only take the items from the good chests. The items in the good chests will be over 1000 pyreals and normally more then 3000 pyreals. You will often find uber loot in the good chests. Including items with level six magics.