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QUEST GUIDE: Hamud's Pyreal Katar and Oswald's Dagger.

Requirements: Ash Gromnie's Tooth.
       Ash Tooth Dagger: 4-7 Slash/Pierce / Speed 10
  Ancient Pyreal Dagger: 2-4 Slash/Pierce / Speed 8

   Hamud's Pyreal Katar: 3-7 Slash/Pierce / Speed 15
                 Spells: BD III, SK III, HS III, Quick III
             Difficulty: 135 Arcane, 175 Unarmed Combat
                         This item is no drop/no give.

        Oswald's Dagger: 4-8 Electrical / Speed 10
                 Spells: Deception V, Gertarh's Curse
             Difficulty: 1 Arcane
Quest Guide: Black-Rose

On this quest you will be fighting Ash Gromnie's, Shadows (from shadow children to shadow lieutenants), sclavus (from se sclavus to essa sclavus), zefirs, and mosswarts. I suggest a group from level 15-30 of at least 4 people. Level 30+ from 2-solo if you are careful. I believe the timer on this quest is a week but I'm unsure. There is no level restriction on this quest but it isn't a beginning quest. All the dungeons are tieable. I find it easiest to get the Foundry tie before the quest since this will save you a long run. At the end of the first time through the Mountain Fortress I usually will summon the Foundry then tie to the surface portal past Hamud. This saves the run from Qalaba'r on your return.

The first requirement on this quest is an Ash Gromnie Tooth. Ash Gromnie's can be found deep in the Linvak range and are abundant on the beaches of the Direlands. Take the tooth to the ivory crafter in Zaikhal. You will receive an Ash Tooth Dagger and a Letter to Devana bint Hamudi. Take this to Devana (12.9n 0.4e) just up the road from Zaikhal. Give her the letter and receive Devana's Note and the Key to Hamud's Chamber. This key has 2 uses you will need both for the quest.

Now head to the Mountain Fortress (82.4s 19.9e), this is a short run from Qalaba'r. From the entrance take the right passage past the surface portal and through a large room. You will come to a T-junction, head west. At the four-way junction, head west again. At the next junction, head north. You will come to a T-junction, head north again. At the end of this hall is a T junction with a door in the north wall, take the hall through the door. At the next junction, head north, down through the hall. At the bottom of the ramp is another four-way junction, head west here. Now just follow the right wall. You will come to a locked door.

Use the Key to Hamud's Chambers on the door. I find it best to kill the two Shadow Lieutenants before unlocking the door since the door blocks their war magic. Once through the first set of doors head straight and through the second set of doors. In this room you will find Hamud ibn Rafik. Give him Devana's Note and you will receive the Foundry Key. This key has 2 uses but you only need one to complete the quest.

Now head to the Empyrean Foundry (25.1s 54.2e). It is located very close to Sawato but I have yet to find a portal to Sawato. The fastest way I've found is to run from Shoushi. Start through the Foundry, when you come to the first junction head right. Use the Foundry key on the door. I find it best to kill the mosswarts through the door since there are a couple of Mosswart Shamans and the door again blocks the magic. In the next room are five doors four of which lead to smaller rooms.

In the center of the room are two switches, flip the north switch, which opens the southeast room. In this room flip the right switch, which opens the northeast room. In this room flip the left switch, which opens the northwest room. In this room flip the center switch, which opens the southwest room. In this room flip the center switch, which opens the east doors. Through the east doors, flip the center wall switch and continue through the next door.

At the T-junction head right. At the next four-way junction, head left through the doors, straight through the next room and down the hall. At the Y-junction head west, east at the T-junction, west at the next T-junction, south at the next T-junction. Follow the hall and you will come to a room with an alter. Pick up the Ancient Pyreal Dagger off the floor. This has about a one-minute spawn.

Head back to the Mountain Fortress and find Hamud ibn Rafik again. Give him the Ancient Pyreal Dagger and receive Hamud's Pyreal Katar and Hamud's Last Testament. Return to Zaikhal and give Devana Hamud's Last Testament. You will receive Oswald's Dagger.