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QUEST GUIDE: Dagger of Tikola Walkthrough.

Requirements: Level 30+ Solo / Level 12 Restrictions / Wood Golem Heart.
Damage 3-10 / Speed 20
Casts Blood Drinker III / Heart Seeker III
Mana Cost 1/10 sec Difficulty 43 Dagger skill must be 125 or greater.
Quest Guide: Black-Rose

Contains mosswarts, wood and granite golems, undead, liches, and low level sclavus. This quest could be soloed at level 30 easily and even lower levels if you are careful. I would suggest a party of 2 or more if you are lower. There is no timer on this quest but the dagger is no drop/no give. This is however a good way to make money for lower levels since the dagger is worth 2500 pyreals.

Start the quest from Yanshi. You must have a heart from a wood golem. There are three golems that spawn at the entrance of Folthid's cellar (8.6s 52.9e) so this shouldn't be hard to obtain. Take the wood golem heart to Raxana Folthid (8.8s 53.7e). She will, in turn, give you the key to the cellar.

You will first come to a T junction where you will take the right passage. Go through all the rooms and take the last passage to the right. Once you get to a large room jump off the bridge toward the south wall. Take the only hall on the platform. When you come to a 4 way junction head northeast. You will end up in a room with a Limestone Golem and a switch. Flip the switch and head back the way you came to the large room where you jumped from the bridge. Jump down and go through the door in the north wall that is now open. In this room is a chest containing the old nectar. You can get 500 pyreals if you take this to Raxana Folthid.

Now jump down to the bottom of the next room and take the south hall. Continue straight at all junctions. You will come to a hall with 2 rooms on the left, one contains a switch. Flip the switch and continue through the hall to a large room, take the left passage and head down the hall. In the first room on the right flip the switch on the floor. Head right out of this room, take last right then continue through the next door and down the ramp through the now open doors.

I find it best to kill all the monsters then do the switches. Jump down to the next room. The Aste Sclavus has the Dagger of Tikola and a key to the exit portal. The spawn rate for the final sclavus is about 10 minutes. The chest contains a dull dagger, the purpose of which I don't know.